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Walk-In Closet

Every inch of your space counts

Many homeowners want a walk-in closet in the master bedroom or living space because of the ultimate beauty, functionality, and convenience it adds. Walk-in closets come in different scopes and sizes, each offering unique features asides storage. Whether you want to house your clothes or keep other important items, your walk-in closet can be your personal safe space.

From clean lines and cool colors to a welcoming natural space, everyone expects their closets to perform different functions. Custom walk-in closets are even more popular because they reflect the personal sense of style of the owners.

More and more home designs now make provisions for walk-in closets in not only the master bedroom but also secondary and even guest bedrooms. However, having a custom walk-in closet in the master bedroom is an experience every homeowner looks forward to having.

Fitted Wardrobes

Our bespoke-fitted bedroom furniture is designed to maximize every inch of your space.

At Luxury Kitchen, we pride ourselves in designing and building customized fitted wardrobes for different personalities and style tastes. Whichever size, shape, or color, we always have the perfect fit for everyone.

While ordinary fitted and freestanding wardrobes may struggle with making the best of your space, our LK bespoke fitted wardrobes ensure no space is left unused. We create our designs to maximize every millimeter of space in your room and ultimately deliver the bedroom storage solution you have always wanted.

Our wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling bespoke fitted wardrobes offer up to 40% more space than the other options.

Fitted Wardrobes offer 2x the space

One downside of installing freestanding wardrobes is the lot of unused spaces it leaves behind, at the sides, and on top. This makes even a perfectly square room poorly arranged. The uneven walls and weirdly-shaped rooms also make it inconvenient to find clothes storage.

The beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes from Luxury Kitchen adopt clever front frame systems that ensure no space, no matter how minimal, is left either at the top, the sides, or behind the wardrobe. This arrangement delivers 2x the space you get from freestanding wardrobes, covered by the fascinating stylish wardrobe doors.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Save yourself the hassles of looking for storage solutions that perfectly fit your lifestyle. With Luxury Kitchens, we offer bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes that maximize your space and highlight your personal style. Feel free to choose from our wide range of clothing storage solutions, and we will make them to your specific measurements to fit your space.


What to expect during your home design visit?

Our Design Consultant will visit your home at the agreed time with samples of fabrics, handles, and drawers. During the visitation, they will inspect the room and see how to get the best out of the space. They will come up with hand-drawn personal illustrations and guide you through the process of selecting the best interior storage options. Lastly, you get an accurate quote you can use if you decide to buy.


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