LK Customer Reviews

Wondering what our customers have to say about our products and services? Here is how our customers answered when asked, “How would you describe your experience with LK?”


What people say?

NB: These feedbacks were extracted from the email correspondence with our customers.

“Yes, I wanted a better kitchen, but I never imagined the transformation would be as exquisite as this. Despite my initial doubts about refacing, the Luxury Kitchen team ensured we were comfortable and convinced with that choice. We had to integrate a lot of changes, additions and subtractions, and even last-minute adjustments, but the team was very agreeable and accommodating. Everyone on the team was dedicated to making this gorgeous transformation happen, and it is a delight what we have in the end.”
“Words cannot do justice to how we feel right now. This is hands down the best renovation experience this family has had. The new island is where I now spend a good time with my very young kids. From having breakfast and lunch to planning our day, that space is doing more than we thought it would. Cooking and cleaning also just got better, thanks to the luxurious feel of this kitchen.”
“When we reached out to Luxury Kitchen for our refacing, we half-convinced of their abilities to deliver. But, in the end, we are blown away. They were very professional and organized at every step of the way. The customer service kept in touch to ensure what we got was exactly what and how we wanted. It was a really nice experience.”
“We thought remodeling our kitchen would be a big deal. But Luxury Kitchen made it simple. After we reached out, they sent in a representative to meet with us and discuss the specifics of the project. He was quite helpful and offered good suggestions on how we can get the perfect kitchen for us. Once we agreed on how to proceed, their installers came in and did a good job. Now we have a new kitchen with a unique look and more functionality. Everyone has praised our new kitchen.”
“I had spent considerable time looking for cabinets for a rental property I was working on both offline and online. The client wanted their awkward-looking kitchen transformed. After checking several stores, only LK had the stock cabinets that would work with the kitchen. This saved me a lot of time and money I would have spent on custom cabinets.”
“I never expected Sam and Jane to return our renderings so quickly. It was the fastest turnaround we had seen in our years of being professional remodelers. Your company definitely has courteous and dedicated employees. They were not only friendly but also very attentive to details. They also followed through and ensure we are 100% satisfied. We appreciate the seamless experience and will not hesitate to recommend you to our clients and friends. We will keep in touch for our upcoming projects.”
“It was a pleasure to work with the LK team. I had no problems using the website. They assigned a dedicated kitchen designer to my project, and she delivered an amazing design. Kate also ensured that my order was promptly placed and kept me updated on the delivery schedule. I think everyone planning a remodeling should work with LK.”
“We wanted to save costs on this remodeling project. I received quotes from a few companies, and my husband also got from other companies. When we compared, we found LK’s quote the cheapest, with a difference of up to $4,000. But we were even more surprised that they offered even better quality than what we expected.”
“LK supplied the cabinets for my new kitchen, a closet, a laundry room, my three bathrooms, and bookcases. It was a smooth experience, both with the designer and other members of their team. I’ll recommend them to anyone looking for hands-on involvement in their building project. They offer great products at reasonable prices.”
“When I got a call from Maggie as the designer from LK, I never knew I was in for a great ride. I enjoyed every bit of working with her. She was patient, attentive to details, and ready to make edits to reflect my recommendations. I also got amazing pricing at every step of the way – I spent lesser than the asking price of the local closet builders I previously consulted. I didn’t have to break the bank to get the best, and I truly appreciate that. I will be working with the LK team soon to remodel my kitchen, and I am confident of another great experience.”
“I have used LK twice for my remodeling projects. The second collaboration was better than the first. They provided great quality and multiple options at the best rates. I got the best value for my money – a repeat of my first experience with them. I must also commend their customer service. The staffs were courteous and ready to respond to my queries politely, even when I had to change an order.”
“Travis has been helping me design my kitchen since early February. We were close to finalizing a design before I had a change of mind. Then we had to pause the project for a while. When I was convinced of what I wanted, we made a few significant changes and concluded everything. Despite the back and forth, Travis was highly cooperative and available. He was always available and promptly implemented the new features, and offered her recommendations when necessary. It was so easy for me, despite being the only one in my house, all thanks to Travis. I commend his kindness and professionalism.”
“My experience with LK was a positive one. The designer came in, made a few measurements, and reverted with a plan. All of these took only a few days. I asked for a few adjustments, and they completed them promptly. I liked that the plans were very detailed, making it easy for all the workers involved. I am patiently waiting to receive my cabinets, and I hope they will be perfect.”
“Please, feel free to work with LK. They are the standards for quality products and excellent service. I enjoyed every bit of working with the designer. They also kept in touch to ensure I had no issues after receiving my order. These guys rock!”
“My wife and I are passionate DIY-ers. We want to get things done by ourselves because we enjoy it and can save costs. While looking around for a cabinet supplier, we found LK offers a vast collection at favorable prices. They were quick to respond to our calls and questions. Although there was a delay due to the pandemic, they provide timely updates throughout and made sure we got the delivery as soon as possible.”
“We have just moved these cabinets to another kitchen. The outlook is nice, and it is easy to assemble and reassemble. They come with a warranty, so there are no issues about fixing things if the need comes up. I received great help from the designer. Although I took my time before deciding, he was patient with me. Overall, I am satisfied.”
“I am glad I found LK. Our relationship has only lasted for a few weeks, but so much has been done within that period, including research, comparisons, and quotes. I have nothing but praises for the design team. They helped interpret my ideas and provided a quote promptly. I was pleasantly surprised to see how cheap the items were, so I used the extra cash to purchase a warranty. Try them today, and you will be wowed.”
“It was not easy to find a cabinet supplier that offers the type of quality I want in the color I want it. It was such a relief to find out about LK. They were ready to compromise to give me the type of quality and color I wanted. The designer was friendly and helpful. The pricing was quite friendly – lower than Lowe’s without sacrificing the quality. The sample from LK is also of top quality – better than anything I have seen from local contractors.”
“I will describe my experience with LK as excellent. I was lucky to have worked with such a patient and hardworking person like Maggie. She helped me with a lot of things, including layout, final color selection, storage, and even fixing a physical appointment at the showroom. There was Jane on the ground to show me around during the inspection while providing me the relevant information on the different cabinet styles. I literally can’t wait to set my eyes on my cabinets.”
“I am speaking on behalf of my family when I say the work efforts of this company were beyond excellent. The team was courteous, and the installer was super responsive and friendly. We have never seen someone so dedicated to delivering outstanding workmanship. We will also like to appreciate the inputs of every other professional on the team. They made the process seamless and enjoyable. Thank you!”