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Become LK VIP

When you join our exclusive network of contractors and designers, you enjoy a wide range of professional benefits such as:

VIP Pricing

50% discount on orders of 5 or more samples

Regular free shipping on samples

Access to top-rated design professionals

Catalogs customized with your brand logo

Higher discounts for multiple orders within the same month

Access to our trained design staff

Excellent customer service

Faster and easier shipping schedules

service details

Take advantage of these benefits to stay confident and ahead of the competition.

Contractor and Design Partners

LK will conveniently meet all your cabinetry and finishing touching needs. Asides from a wide range of cabinet designs and finishes, we offer decorative hardware, sinks, hoods, countertops, and even inside cabinet accessories. We make the process seamless for you by assigning a designer and personal account representative to handle your requests. At the same time, we run a comprehensive professional program that guides you through the entire design process while providing great discounts, free design services, and custom catalogs.


If you are a contractor handling multiple jobs per month, our dealer program is designed just for you. You get our best pricing alongside the same excellent services as our professionals. You also get discounts on displays and door samples for presentation to your clients.

Professional Discounts

As an LK Professional Discount Partner, you can offer a wide range of services to your clients. You can also leverage our competitive online and local pricing as well as our robust collection of high-quality cabinetry lines to boost your leads and stay ahead of the competition.

Take that decisive step today to sign up. You are just a few clicks away from enjoying special VIP pricing and speedy delivery of cabinetry into your clients’ homes.

The LK Partnership Program for Contractors and Designers

Are you still wondering why you should partner with us as a designer or contractor? You get more time to work on your client’s project while we handle the details. That is not all; we provide you with detailed photorealistic 3D renderings customized to your clients’ exact dimensions and space. The partnership affords you the chance to offer your clients the best industry rates, top-quality cabinetry, and unbeatable delivery time.

What do you get?

–       Customized and professional designs for free

–       Special discounts on orders

–       Best-in-class customer services with a dedicated account representative

Buying from LK

When you buy from us, you are getting the best quality cabinetry and creating a robust relationship with one of the best in the business. You can count on us to be there for you and your brand every time. We see and treat you as the priority always, helping you satisfy your clients 100%. Asides from the excellent customer service, you also get amazing discounts on our products.

We are here to give you a seamless purchasing experience so you can serve your clients even better.

Discounts and Benefits

Another perk of joining our professional network is unrestricted access to exclusive benefits such as VIP pricing, sample door discounts, VIP customer service, and free design services from the designer assigned to you.

You also get to purchase our high-quality products at fantastic prices while enjoying prompt deliveries to your showroom, job site, or your client’s home.

Design Services

We are here to help you design your:


What do you get?

Customized Layout

You get an aesthetically pleasing and functional customized layout.

Magazine-quality Rendering

Our renderings are photorealistic, showing you exactly how your space will look.

Simplified List

We offer an itemized list that shows the requirements and the costs.

Reach out today, and we will make it happen with higher quality products at costs lower than what you pay at the big box stores.