cabinets details

With its rich features and expressive structure, it is no surprise that the oak surface can be easily showcased with accurate contours throughout the display . This unique combination of materials, comprises structured wood alongside its warm tonal strands, contrasting the matt lacquer in cool carbon grey.

The interchanging link between the calm, continuous fronts and mildly lit display cabinet, along with open shelving, creates an elegant, aesthetically pleasing functional interior. The dividers and trays are handy in keeping things tidy and organised The variety of colors and materials demonstrate harmony with the carbon grey material.

Wood offers a warm appearance that contributes to the overall feel of the kitchen space. The long-lasting and reliable character of wood makes the transition of fronts and worktop quite seamless, as a crucial part of an overall consistent and coherent impression. The icing on the cake is the precise finishing on the delicate surrounding carbon grey metal edge.

Olive is the tree for both the present and the future – it is one of nature’s biggest perfections. Asides from the perpetual appearance, the young and new olive tree deliver high-grade, delicately-finished wood, with an additional benefit of contrasting colors and materials.

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