cabinets details

Wood is good alone, but it gets even better when combined with plain colors. Here you have wood in ash Madeira with a white matt lacquer. The glare-free LED stripes of the shelving create the backdrop to accommodate the inserted dining table. Now you have more space to keep everything close and handy.

The outstanding ash unveils its real element and elegance on the smooth, large, sliding doors of the top cupboards. With all the storage space above the worktop closed, you can now maximize the full depth of the worktop.

The flexibility of LK kitchens means you can implement personal creative planning ideas and touches seamlessly. In this case, we have an open shelf facing the room to conclude the free-standing row of floor units. The 40cm-high pullouts with their lacquered recessed handles create an overall peaceful front.

Whether you are mixing smooth and textured, warm and cold, or light and dark, combining opposites to create contrasts can be fascinating. Due to the natural attraction between opposites, it is easier to arouse emotions by combining them. Asides from the visual perception, they create contrasts also make a room livelier.

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