door materials

Solid Wood

The wood from leaf-dropping trees is the hardest strongest and most durable wood that nature produces – the choices also make great kitchen cabinets. Examples include: oak, maple, hickory, cherry, alder and others. Each type of solid wood has its own characteristics, including its grain pattern, color and texture.


Layers of medium to softer woods glued together to form a strong cabinet building material. The wood grains of each successive layer run at different angles, this creates strength that exceeds solid hardwoods. Relatively easy to work with.

Particle Board

Particleboard, chipboard, or low-density fiberboard (LDF) is another material with a great finish, thanks to the wood veneer or laminate sealing.

MDF – Medium-density Fiberboard

MDF wood is fine wood fibers and glue that have been fused together with pressure and heat. The material is strong and relatively inexpensive – especially when compared to hardwoods. Does not expand and contract, and readily accepts wood veneers.

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