luxury kitchens

luxury kitchens

With over 30 years industry experience, Luxury Kitchens is a privately owned company with a strong European heritage. The company has since grown from being an Australian based workshop into a full-sized enterprise with pioneer inventions in sophisticated modern kitchen architecture.

 Luxury Kitchens is proud to introduce the latest in European designs that offer a blend of elegance, functionality, and style.

Luxury Kitchens has extended it’s brand across the world, expanding and offering our service worldwide. We export up to 60% of our kitchens, earning us the popular “Proudly Australian” tag as a synonym to our brand.

At Luxury Kitchens, our mission is to offer our clients innovative, high quality, custom designed joinery. 

We boast a team of skilled planners and architects working hard to implement the Luxury Kitchen philosophy in all of our designs.

Feel free to visit our exclusive showroom, to view our range of exquisite, custom designed kitchens and joinery.